Wolds Collective


The Wolds Collective is a non-profit making voluntary organisation, formed in 1996 to produce a weekend Arts Festival/Solstice Celebration, focusing on a community audience and encouraging the creative use of reclaimed and restored resources. We called it EcoFest.

The Wolds Collective has established links with numerous agencies including Arts Council England, Community Champions, Soundlincs, Access to Music, Louth Arts Partnership and many more, to help with funding and creative management, allowing the festival to develop and grow into a major annual summer event.

Working with other Community-based Arts Organisations, the EcoFest provides an opportunity for people of all ages (and abilities) to participate in workshops in a variety of art forms: Dance (Latin & Arabic), Capoeira, Drumming (Samba & African), Musical Instrument Making, Song Writing and other skills. There are also all-day Arts & crafts Workshops and activities for children.
2014 Update
The Autumn Equinox marks the end of summer, and the end of an era at Badger Farm. There will no longer be festivals here, as the top field will revert back to the wildflower meadow which it was in the past. The stage has been removed, and what's left of it will be recycled into something else.
There's more information in the October 2014 Newsletter which you can download - please use the link below.
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The Cotton House Shakers, Small World 2011 (vimeo)
The Band from County Hell - Small World 2011 (vimeo)
Small World 2011 (vimeo)
Easter Fayre at Badger Farm (YouTube)